Creativity on the Internet

While I am not a fan of making fun of people who are experiencing hard times, I found the creativity that followed the arrest of Donna Goudeau amusing . I cannot imagine what she was feeling at the time of her arrest, and she is currently serving time for the crime she was apprehended for. For this reason I will not post the interview from her arrest, you can look it up on your own. However, I will post the artistic reinterpretations by Anthony Hamilton and his background singers.


Bassist Ryan Copeland took creativity to a entirely new level by putting “some quartet bass” on Anthony Hamilton’s Remix. You can find out more  information about Ryan Copeland on his website. * Sounds best while wearing headphones.


Another Youtuber “Doingear” blended the two together seamlessly creating a longer version.


I love the creativity that’s found on the internet. I hope this makes you smile the same way it made me smile. 🙂