Book Review: The One

The One6x9Template

Danielle Allen

Length: 304 pgs

Publication Date:  March 20, 2016

My first exposure to Danielle Allen’s writing was in her book released late last year, Work Song .It was a fantastic read (brought to my attention by book blog  Girl, Have You Read? that put Allen on my radar. When she announced earlier this year that she had a book coming out soon, I quickly placed it on my To-Read List. When her newest book, The One , became available I happily purchased  and read it. Continue reading

Why I Blog Under the Name Lily O.

“Why did he use a pseudonym?”

“ ‘cause the REAL one wasn’t suitn’ him”

I love lilies. The flower, and the name in all of its forms (Lily, Lilly, Lillian, Lillian etc.). You see, my Grandmother’s name was Lily and she was a vibrant storyteller. After she passed, I became slightly obsessed with all things Lily. The “O” stands for Ohio and represents, to me, a part of the Midwest. A few years ago, on the first day of class one of my History professors (African American Migrations) asked us to introduce ourselves based on our geographic roots. It was a concept that I was unfamiliar with until that time. I never realized how important it was for me to note my Midwestern roots, especially as an African American woman. I am descendent of two people who left the land nurtured by their ancestors to move north. Continue reading

In Defense of Fans of Romance Novels

It's Lily O.

Last week I was working on adding books I’ve read on my  eReader to my Goodreads library when I encountered an interesting dilemma. My Kindle library. My library is full of books that are deemed “less-than” by some and I didn’t want to expose my reading choices for fear of being that person. As a result, I have decided to fight against this feeling, woman up and expose myself to the world.

Hello, my name is [Redacted-I don’t trust the internet], and I love to read Romance novels.

Before you scoff at my choice of reading material, please allow me to explain my love for the genre. I enjoy seeing how the main characters will fall in love, their climatic breakup, epilogues, the fantasy and humor in romance novels.

Love, unlike any other subject, is an equalizer. Regardless of the class standing, age, gender or orientation of characters in a…

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