What is in Your Mirror?

I am about fifteen years too late, but recently I have delved into the Harry Potter movie series. (I am not interested in reading the books at this time). In the film, there is a mirror (The Mirror of Erised) that shows the desires of one’s heart instead of merely their reflection. It is purported to be dangerous as it shows life as you wish it would be instead of reality. Continue reading

Creativity on the Internet: Part II

Almost two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) I wrote  about singer Anthony Hamilton and his background singers turning a viral video into a song. While they have made more videos doing the same thing, recently they made a video that caught my attention. Birdman, the Co-Founder of Cash Money Records, entered and quickly exited an interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club. His short and to the point interview soon became viral and led to several hilarious remakes. Continue reading

Has Social Media Ruined April Fools’?

   When I was younger, I remember April Fool’s being a holiday that always came as a surprise. One day life went on as usual, the next it was filled with practical jokes and jeers of “April Fool’s!”. Either thought and effort went into your joke or your joke was light and last minute. Both were acceptable and had their place. For the past few years, it seems like major social media networks and companies have executed such large pranks that it’s no longer funny. Continue reading

Kanye and my Quarter-life Crisis

Scarlet K

As I get older, I find myself understanding things that were unclear to me as a child. On That 70’s show, they weren’t just hanging out at a table in the basement being goofy, but smoking marijuana (who knew?). NEXT’s song “Too Close” is about pure filth, not the seemingly innocent song that they performed on an episode of Sister Sister*. Reverend Dr. Reuben Gregory from Amen was a narcissistic jerk who I doubt ever loved Thelma Frye. The list of things I perceived differently as an adult is endless, however, one stands out the most. Continue reading