Welcome to It’s Lily O.!

Why Blog?:

I started this blog to get over my fear of writing. I absolutely love to read, but writing tends to make me break out in a sweat. I have so many thoughts that run through my head, and I never feel that I am adequately putting them into words. It was starting to hold me back academically, and I wish to become a better writer.

What Do You Write About?:

My primary focus on this blog is on books (reviews*, general thoughts etc.), my near-quarter-life observations and crafting.

How Often Do You Post?:

I try to post twice a week, and post at least one book review per month.

But We Want to Know About You:

Lily O. is short for Liliann Ohio. While Lily O is not my given name,  I love the name Liliann and I am from the Midwest. I like to read Romance Novels (among others), buttons, and I think too much.

* Check out my book Rating system here.

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