Friday Freewrite: Music Edition

I first heard Ruby (Whistle Song) by George Lovett a few weeks ago, shortly after reading Love Belvin’s Muted Recklessness.  I’ve never heard anyone convey such emotion by whistling alone. However, when reading through the comments on the YouTube video, I was reminded how we all interact with music differently. It made me think, what are ways we can convey emotion that are outside of the standard happy/sad, good/bad dichotomy?

My writing is pretty rusty after neglecting it over the past few years, so I figured why not challenge myself to examine and expand my emotional vocabulary. I encourage you to join me by participating in this Friday Freewrite Challenge.

Here is my word list:

Passion, Tension, Pain, Longing, Loneliness, Tea Kettle, Confidence, Unity, Duet, Harmony, Brevity, Unfinished.

How does this song make you feel?-

This song makes me feel pensive, as if my heart and mind are fighting.

Where (if anywhere) does this song take you?

This song takes me to a rainy day where I have no choice but to sit with my thoughts.

Does this song inspire you? If so, how? If not, why?

Yes, it makes me want to write poetry.

I hope you join me and give it a listen and write!

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