Where have you been?

As previously posted, I have decided to start writing again. However, in the process of doing so, I began to think that I am not in a unique situation. There are probably others who have stopped blogging for a variety of reasons. So, I am making this post to encourage others. Have you stopped blogging for a while? Do you want to start up again, but not sure of where to begin?

If so, I encourage you to complete this tag! Let your blog ask you some questions about why you haven’t seen it in a while.  (Don’t worry, you don’t have to get too deep or personal.)

Once completed and posted, post the title of your revived blog in the comments 😊 Happy writing!

Hi Lily O! So, where have you been?

 I went back to school and started my career. I found myself busy working on other areas of my life and the blog fell off.

Ohhh! So that’s why there is a picture of a person wearing a graduation cap in your logo.


Is that you?


Why not show your face?

That’s not my style.

I like your forehead.

Um thanks? Can we please get back to the questions?

Um…okaaay. But you stayed away for FOUR YEARS!?!?:

Yeah so, the attitude is not needed, but I get it. But yes, for four years.

Sorry for the attitude, but a lot has changed over the years. Do you even want to write about the same things anymore?

Despite the time that has passed, I still love to read, and like to write about a variety of topics. I intend to write book reviews and about other topics that come to mind. Granted, I am older and have lived a little more so some of my opinions may have changed.

I understand, but since you have a career now will you have time to write? When can we expect you to post?

I do not really have a set schedule right now; I am just really looking forward to blogging again.

What made you decide to start blogging again?

My head is too full.  I need to create more room for storage.

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