What is in Your Mirror?

I am about fifteen years too late, but recently I have delved into the Harry Potter movie series. (I am not interested in reading the books at this time). In the film, there is a mirror (The Mirror of Erised) that shows the desires of one’s heart instead of merely their reflection. It is purported to be dangerous as it shows life as you wish it would be instead of reality. The concept of this mirror made me wonder what would currently appear in my mirror. In a little over a week, I will be turning 25. There is a plethora of things that I’d thought I’d have accomplished by this age. While I don’t have the fictional Mirror of Erised to publicly reflect the desires of my heart, I still have my thoughts and self-perception. At times, I dwell on what should have been, my mistakes and failings to the point where it cripples me. There are three things that I thought I’d have accomplished by the age of 25:

Harry Potter looking into The Mirror of Erised.

Harry Potter looking into The Mirror of Erised.

  1. College Graduate
  2. Married or Engaged
  3. Living on my own

They may seem like small and basic goals to many but not having achieved them by my current age (24 years and 357 days old) paralyzed me for a while. The concept of the “Mirror of Erised” exists in real life, however, unlike the movie where it was moved to another location to prevent students from finding it, it can exist in the mind. Unlike Dumbledore, the teacher who moved the mirror in the film, I believe that it is important to know what is in your mirror and address it. While it can be challenging, I personally, find some power in acknowledging my desires.  By saying openly to myself “I am not where I thought I would be, I thought I would be XYZ”, I take the sting of shame away. It is no longer festering in the confines of my mind, rotting away any positive thoughts concerning my future. It becomes something that I can objectively examine and compartmentalize.

While I understand that “looking into the mirror” can cause damage, I believe that it is something that we must confront at some point.

One thought on “What is in Your Mirror?

  1. Michelle H. says:

    If you want God to laugh tell Him your plans. Everyone’s path in life is different. It’s good to know the desires of your heart because it does give you something to work towards and look forward to but how and when you obtain them is not as significant as actually having them. One reason why the mirror needed to be moved is because just like in life we don’t live in a fantasy world. To stay stuck in the land of could’ve, should’ve, would’ve can paralyze us to not keep moving forward to continue to reach our hearts desire.

    It is important to take inventory from time to time to see where we are in life, but just like taking inventory in a store you use the information to assess what needs to happen next (i.e.- buy more stock or have a sale to get rid of non-moving items).

    As the saying goes, “you are exactly where you are meant to be”. What you perceive as failure or shortcomings maybe your stepping stones to desires fulfilled you never even imagined possible. So trust the process and remember it doesn’t matter how fast you make it to the finish as long as you finish.

    I enjoy your blog. Great topics and writing. Keep moving forward!

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