Book Review: Misconceptions

I LOVE “bad” characters. The characters that make you root for their demise. The characters that are so notorious that their characteristics can transfer over into real life. However, when both main characters are obnoxious, I have to tap out. I have one Kindle and can only throw it in frustration so many times before it breaks. This was the problem I ran into while reading Blu Daniels’ Misconceptions.


Young woman with the self-esteem and self-worth the size of a grit finds out that she has been impregnated by Satan’s first-born son.

Just Kidding! (Not, Really)

Alexandria Stone is wiping her slate clean. Armed with a new degree, a dream job and a one-way ticket back to her hometown, Alex is ready to break free. Break free from the man who shall only be referred to as “Bad Habit”.  Unfortunately, life has placed four small obstacles in her way.

The Verdict

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Main Characters: test2lil

Alexandria Stone- Is a fashionable 25-year old with a promising career and future. She’s quick-witted, funny and at times does not see her worth.

“Bad Habit”-  Trash in the human form. Described as a handsome, business-savvy man.

Supporting Characters: test4lil

The supporting characters served more as background noise for the story and as proof that life existed outside of Alexandria and Bad Habit’s world. The way author Blu Daniels incorporated them into the story was well-suited.

Storyline: test3lil

From an opening scene where I questioned if consent was given to Bad Habit’s low-down ways, there was nothing cute or romantic about Misconceptions. Bad Habit and Alexandria were unbelievably dense. I found myself questioning how they found any success in life given their chronically impaired judgment.

Bad Habit is given some “redeemable” traits at the eleventh hour that is supposed to make him look less like the Devil Incarnate. Instead, it made him look like he had the same I.Q as the potato I had for lunch.

Overall: test3lil

Regardless of how I felt about Alexandria and Bad Habit’s actions during Misconceptions, it was an entertaining read. I found myself captivated by every twisted piece of steel poking out of the smoke-filled train-wreck that was their relationship.


Would I Recommend It?

Misconceptions is a polarizing novel. If you are looking for a traditional Romance in any sense of the word, this is not the book for you. However, if you are looking for an entertaining read, I suggest you give it a try. (Also, let me know if you read it, I’m curious to see how others feel about Bad Habit).

*Misconceptions has a sequel Bad Habit that you can find here.


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