Book Review: Love Unaccounted Series


Hello, Everyone. I would like to personally thank all of you for facing your truth and joining me tonight. Before we begin, I would like you all to repeat our mission statement after me.

Ezra is not real!

Ezra Addicts Anonymous: Ezra is not real!

Ezra is a fictional character!

EAA: Ezra is a fictional character!

No amount of wishing will bring him to life!

EAA: No amount of wishing will bring him to life!

Great job everyone, now let’s begin our meeting…


I am sick. I am down. I am lost.

It’s over.

I was first drawn to the character Ezra Carmichael when he first appeared in Love Belvin’s Waiting to Breathe series. When it was announced that he would have his own series, I was elated. Love Belvin treats her characters as clients that are sitting on her therapy couch and it shows in her writing. The Love Unaccounted series is the best example of Love Belvin in action.

The in-depth character analysis of the two main characters, Ezra Carmichael and Alexis Grier, pushed the Love Unaccounted series to the next level. Ultimately creating an unparalleled work of art.


Ezra Carmichael is set to inherit one of the largest churches on the East Coast.

Alexis Grier is a rough around the edges Harlem girl born and raised.

The Books in Order

  1. In Covenant with Ezra
  2. In Love with Ezra
  3. Bonded to Ezra

The Verdict

All books are usually  rated on a scale of  1-5 Lilies found here.
However, for this series I had to add a rating above five lilies , a Golden Lily.

Main Characters: Golden Lily

Alexis Grier- Alexis is truly a one of a kind heroine. She is unapologetically herself but is also very self-aware.

Ezra Carmichael- Ezra is the gentleman of all gentlemen and bae of all baes.

Supporting Characters: Golden Lily

Love Belvin created a rich mixture of friends and foes that made Alexis and Ezra’s journey interesting. The supporting characters never came off as cartoonish, and truly grounded the story in reality.

Storyline: Golden Lily

Writing an erotic novel where a lead character is being groomed to be the head of a Pentecostal church is tricky. Either the author can come with the approach of “the pastor’s children are always the worst in the congregation and the church is filled with hypocrites” or “everything is lilies and gumdrops because I love the Lord and my woman.” Love Belvin took neither approach.

Belvin approached Christianity in a way that was profound and respectful.

The tone of the story changed in Bonded to Ezra. The writing became denser and, as a reader, I found myself being shut out of Ezra and Alexis’ relationship. I could see their connection getting stronger and the pages became like bricks building up a protective wall around them as they worked on figuring things out.

Overall: Golden Lily

Love Belvin created a new standard with this series. Her in-depth character analysis and ability to weave past characters into her work is breathtaking.

Would I Recommend it?

Buy the series right now.

For Mature 18+ Audiences Only

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