Book Review: Boy, Bye. If you don’t get your trifling, selfish, rude self out of my face  Jilted


DISCLAIMER: This review will contain slight spoilers. If that bothers you, please leave (and read another one of my book reviews ).


By Eve Vaughn

Publication Date: March 27, 2016

372 pgs

When I learned that Eve Vaughn had a new book out, I was surprised that the content seemed lighter than what I am used to reading by her. I am most familiar with Eve Vaughn’s darker works, Run and The Auction. I enjoyed both and the dystopian future setting. While there was rampant crime and violence featured in both, the setting made it clear that crime and violence was to be expected.

I was curious to read a Contemporary Romance by her, however, I was left wondering if it was worth it.


Instead of marrying the love of her life, Ashley Hollingsworth, Skylar Brown has just experienced every bride-to-be’s worst nightmare. After experiencing the most heartbreaking and embarrassing day of her life, Skylar wants nothing more than to never see Ashley again. However, fate has a plan that will connect Skylar and Ashley together for life (or at least the next 18 years).

The Verdict

All books are rated on a scale of 1-5 Lilies found here.

Main Characters: test1lil

Skylar Brown- Is an incredibly smart, capable, super-woman mother/daughter/sister/lawyer whose brain turns to goo whenever she has to communicate with her Ex-Fiancé. Her character varies so much that I began to wonder how a person so spineless could be a lawyer, but I guess she’s supposed to be dimensional.

Ashley Hollingsworth- Is an arrogant, obnoxious, narrow-minded, abusive, surly jerk that needs to be in a jail cell awaiting slander and assault charges.

Supporting Characters: NO LILIES

After encountering Ashley’s family, it is no surprise that Ashley is an awful human being. He was raised by Satan. It doesn’t help that Ashley’s siblings were never really held accountable for anything.  Giving a “my mom called me fat, and that made me sad and commit unspeakable crimes” excuse for violating someone isn’t going to cut it.

Skylar’s sister is the only reason why I am not giving the supporting characters negative lilies, she reacted the way any sister would react to someone who nearly broke their sister.

Storyline: test3lil

While I found Ashley and everyone connected to him to be an abomination to humanity, and Skylar’s backbone MIA, I would be lying if I said that the storyline didn’t hold my attention. It was predictable but held enough drama to hold my interest.

Overall: test2lil

I get it, forgiveness is important to move on blah, blah blah. What I don’t get is creating a monster of a leading man, dragging the readers through Skylar’s experience with said monster and expecting all to be well in the end.  I’m still beefing with Ashley. Trying to make him a hero at the eleventh hour did not help either.

Would I Recommend It?


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