Book Review: The One

The One6x9Template

Danielle Allen

Length: 304 pgs

Publication Date:  March 20, 2016

My first exposure to Danielle Allen’s writing was in her book released late last year, Work Song .It was a fantastic read (brought to my attention by book blog  Girl, Have You Read? that put Allen on my radar. When she announced earlier this year that she had a book coming out soon, I quickly placed it on my To-Read List. When her newest book, The One , became available I happily purchased  and read it.


Zoe Jordan is having a crisis, a quarter-life crisis, that sends her packing to a place where she can think, home. While there, Zoe discovers that her best friend has set her up with the perfect distraction participating in a reality dating show “The One.”

The Verdict

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Main Characters: test4lil

Zoe Jordan –  Is a proud feminist and lawyer, well lawyer-to-be, who wants nothing to do with reality T.V.  Zoe is confident, funny and was an interesting character to follow in the story.

Julian Winters*-  Julian is a Music Producer and Songwriter who is the leading man on The One. While I didn’t find him swoon-worthy, I could see why Zoe did.

*Julian is a love interest, Zoe is the clear main character and the story is told from her point of view only.

Supporting Characters:test4lil

The supporting characters in The One were over-the-top, funny and made me think about regular people who decide to join the casts of reality T.V. shows. They added a wealth of humor to the storyline, however, as a reader I would have liked to know more about the production staff.

Storyline: test3lil

The storyline was great and, at times, felt as though I was reading a reality show which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, near the middle, the storyline became repetitive causing me to skip three chapters and read until the end. Afterwards, I came back and reread the ones that I missed.

The shenanigans that occurred on the dates between were repetitive but I imagine that is how reality dating shows.

Overall: test4lil

I, like Zoe Jordan, am not a fan of dating reality T.V shows. They bore me to tears and I find them insulting. However, Danielle Allen’s The One  made the concept very entertaining.

Would I Recommend it?

If you enjoy reading books that will have you shouting things at your kindle such as “WORK IT ZOE!” or “COME THROUGH JULIAN!”, I highly recommend reading  The One .

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