Hey Wisconsin! Get up off that thang…and vote!


VOTE     VOTE    VOTE     VOTE     VOTE     VOTE

VOTE… EVERYBODY!!! (where’s LMFAO and Lil Jon when you need them?)

Wooo hooo!

I am turned up and ready to turn out at the polls on April 5, 2016!  I strongly encourage people TEA SHOP & CAFEliving in the state of Wisconsin to make sure that they are registered, have the proper identification and are aware of what is on their ballot.

In addition to the Presidential primary, voters in the state of Wisconsin will be electing a State Supreme Court Judge. This is a very important position and can be hidden by the Presidential election. It is  also vital to learn about and research local items that will be on your ballot.

The state of Wisconsin has numerous resources to help prepare voters for the upcoming election.

To find out if you are registered, your polling place and what is on your ballot, check out myvote.wi.gov

To learn more about the voting I.D law and requirements check out, bringit.wi.gov

Another resource is sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television, wisconsinvote.org


As you leave this post to view the links listed, I’ll leave you with this sage piece of advice:

Just be smart, be prepared

– Boyz N Motion


Happy Voting!

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