Easy Button Earrings

I love buttons. I collect them; I decorate with them, and wear them nearly every day. I am not sure when I started using buttons in ways other than their utilitarian purpose, but I enjoy them. I also love wearing earrings; however my ears aren’t pierced. While I am able to wear pierced earrings with the help of earring converters, I still like to personalize my accessories. What better way to do this than to pair my love of buttons and my love of earrings.

Today I will demonstrate how I make button earrings, with a special emphasis on those who have non-pierced ears. Not only is this an inexpensive way to spice up your jewelry collection, but is also fun to do as a craft project for parties and gatherings.



What You’ll Need:
•Safety Goggles/Glasses (Not Pictured)
•Button Shank Removers or Pliers
•Flat-faced Nickle-Free earring Backings
•E6000 Glue*
•Sandpaper (I purchased mine at Dollar Tree)


1. Make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated space. (E6000 glue can produce toxic fumes.)
2. While wearing your safety glasses, remove button shank (loop on the back of a button) using  the Button Shank Remover. Button Collage3

3. Gently sand down the surface on the back of the button and the front surface of the earring backing.( This will allow the adhesive to create a stronger bond.)

4. Depending on the design of the button, align the button face down in the direction you want it to appear.
5.  Apply E6000 glue to the  center of the back of the button, attach the earring backing and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat process for second earring.
6.  Place both earrings in a safe place and allow glue to set for 24 hours and enjoy.

I purchased my earring backings at my local crafts store for $3-4.00 for a set of seven pairs. While they sell buttons at crafts stores, I prefer to purchase mine at fabric stores. They tend to have a wider variety to select from. Prior to using E6000 glue I used hot glue. Hot glue worked well, but the buttons would break off after a while. Since using E6000, I have not had any issues with this occurring.

Finished pair of earrings.

*Some people are allergic to E6000 glue, please check the label and follow instructions before attempting use.

** I have not been paid to endorse any items listed in this project.

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