Five Things to do While Waiting for a Book to Come Out

 It has happened once again. You have completely lost yourself in another book by one of your favorite authors. You have neglected to eat, sleep, talk to loved ones to lose yourself in an alternate universe. Like an addict who has just received a hit of their favorite vice, you are ready for more but you have to wait until the next book comes out. What can you do? Who can you run to? Have no fear, I have some suggestions to help you endure the waiting period.

5.  Stalk, um, observe the author’s website and social media pages*

When an author announces that they will have a new book out “Soon” or “Winter 2016” instead of giving a release date.

Modern day book releases come equipped with book trailers, teasers, playlists and (if you’re lucky) a surprise early release. The best way to get information is from the source.

*This can also make time slow down to the speed of molasses and cause you to silently judge the author for live-tweeting Scandal instead of putting you out of your misery and finishing the book now…right now.  

4.  Read a book outside of your comfort zone.

Take this time to step outside of your favorite authors/genres and try a book that you’ve been curious about, but too [Fill-in-the-blank] to read. It will help take your mind off of the book(s) you’ve been waiting for and expose you to new works. Most of my favorite books and authors were discovered while I was waiting for the next book on my “To-Read” list to come out.

3. Reread the last book by the author/the previous book in the series.

 This will help refresh your memory about what you enjoy about the author’s writing style or reacquaint yourself with the characters and storylines from the last book.

2. Preorder the book online.

By now, the book should be available for preorder. Buy the book ahead of time so that you will be among the first to read it.

1. Go Outside

 Seriously, put your books/Kindle/Laptop/Remote down and go outside. See people, interact with them and smell some fresh air. You will appreciate this when you hibernate again when the book comes out.                                                                                              

What are some things that you do while waiting for the next book on your “To- Read” list to come out?                            

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