Book Review: Evenings With Bryson

Evenings with brysonEvenings With Bryson: The Blackstones Book 1

By Tina Martin

Often times when I am in between books, I  stumble across a gem. A book that was meant to simply pass time that ends up being more than expected. This was the case for Tina Martin’s recent release, Evenings With Bryson.


When people send in their love questions to relationship blogger Kalina Cooper, they have no idea that they are entrusting the matters of their heart to someone who has closed hers. Kalina does not believe in love, nor does she have time to entertain male company. She has her hands filled trying to juggle her blog and her personal life.

While he has no interest in love, curiosity has led Bryson Blackstone to Kalina Cooper. He has just what Kalina needs  only if she allows herself to spend a few evenings with Bryson.

The Verdict

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Main Characters: test4lil

Kalina Cooper– Kalina Cooper is a fiery relationship blogger who is working herself ragged. While she is very successful doing what she loves, Kalina is struggling to balance her work with her personal life. In Kalina, Ms. Martin has created a very relatable character who is dealing with issues with which many readers can relate.

Bryson Blackstone– Bryson Blackstone is an entrepreneur who’s still licking his wounds from his last relationship. He is a fairly standard Alpha-male.

Supporting Characters:test4lil

The secondary characters in Evenings with Bryson aren’t very vocal, but Ms. Martin manages to generate enough interest in their lives to keep the reader invested in the Blackstone series.

Storyline: test4lil

Ms. Martin had numerous opportunities to turn Evenings with Bryson a cliché Romance novel; she used none of them. EWB was not predictable, flowed and held onto reality well.


Evenings with Bryson is, at times, a very emotional read. I was not expecting the emotional punch that accompanied Kalina and Bryson’s story. While EWB packed a punch, it is a solid read that will hold your attention the entire time.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, Tina Martin has a gem in the Blackstone series. According to Ms. Martin’s website, while this book is a part of a series based on a single family, each book will be treated as a standalone. You will not have to read the books in a certain order to follow the storyline.

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