Friday Freewrite: Oddballs and Villains

Several weeks ago, my all-time favorite show, A Different World (ADW), was added in its entirety to Netflix. I was ecstatic. After years of being forced to watch ADW only through fan uploads on Youtube, I am able now able to watch it legally at my leisure. While watching, I realized that two of my favorite fictional characters (Winifred “Freddie” Brooks and Whitley Gilbert) are from this show. After considering some of my other favorite characters, two things became blatantly obvious: I like oddballs, and I like Villains. Here are my favorites in no particular order.

  1. Winifred “Freddie” Brooks (A Different World)


When the character of Freddie Brooks was first introduced in the second season of ADW; Freddie was an insecure misfit who wanted to have an impact. At the end of the series, she was a bold, advocate for change who stopped caring what other people thought of her.

Favorite Moment: In her first serious relationship with her soulmate, Shaza, Freddie finds herself lost in his love until her friends hold an intervention.

2. Whitley Marion Gilbert-Wayne (A Different World)


Whitley Gilbert was a snobby, spoiled and sheltered girl that morphed into an open-minded woman during the course of ADW. Her story arc was a perfect example of how eye-opening the college experience can be.

Favorite Moment(s): When Whitley stands up to a prejudice store clerk and the season 5 finale.

3. Sinclair James-Jones (Living Single)


Free-spirit Sinclair is the polar opposite of her no nonsense cousin Khadijah.  While she may not have it all together, she still sticks to what she feels is right.

Favorite Moment: When Sinclair stops beating around the bush and admits her feelings to her crush, Overton.

4. D.W (Arthur)


For those who may be unfamiliar with shows geared towards the younger set, Arthur is a show about an aardvark who is in the third grade. The series, based on Marc Brown’s children books, was one of my childhood favorites. His middle sister, Dora Winifred or D.W is fantastically bossy, independent and self-confident.

Favorite Moment: D.W taking over her best friend’s birthday party and showing her how to open her presents the “right” way.

5. Nellie Oleson (Little House on the Prairie)


Nellie Oleson is a Grade-A snob who can’t understand why her Podunk townsfolk don’t treat her as royalty. And with Harriet Oleson as her mother, who can blame her for thinking that way.

Favorite Moment: Nellie determined to marry a poor, country boy her parent’s detest, is caught in the nick of time. In a VERY compromising position.

6. Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)


I know, I know of ALL the women on Girlfriends Joan? Yes. Joan was a ragtag mixture of awkward, snobby, quirky, and ambition. I get her weirdness.

Favorite Moment: Losing her fight against being jealous of her best friend’s pending nuptials, Joan has a minor breakdown in front of her Ex-boyfriend.

7. Rose Nylund (The Golden Girls)


Rose Nylund is a Midwestern ball of shade and sunshine, and I love her innocence.

Favorite Moment: When an I Love Lucy marathon comes on T.V., Rose admits to never having seen it before.

Honorable Mention: Elsbeth Tascioni (The Good Wife) and Thelma Frye (Amen)

Do you have a favorite fictional character on T.V?  If, so who are they?

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