Learning to Mind My Business

I am a work in progress.

I eat too many French fries, spend an embarrassing amount of time on the internet, and spend an even more embarrassing amount of time and money on books. However, the main problem I am writing about today is my inability to keep other people’s business out of my mouth. No, I’m not talking about gossiping about the people I know in real life ( I don’t do that) but about those who I don’t know, i.e.,. Celebrities.

Through blogs, Twitter, the news, radio and Wendy Williams I have constant access to information. No matter how accurate the source, once it has become published, it is treated as fact. All of this information is making me lazy. Instead of researching a topic and letting it sink in, I feel pressure to have an opinion. It is as if my brain tells me “Quick! Formulate an opinion and write it down, so everyone knows that you had that opinion first” and it is tiring. It is hard to have an opinion on something when you are indifferent.

A conversation I have to have with myself daily.
A conversation I have to have with myself daily.

A few months ago (okay one month), I vowed not to become “outraged” by any more than four things this year. By outraged I mean allowing myself to feel aggressively negative towards something to the point where I feel the need to react/respond/care. Every second I spend talking and reacting to “who shot John” or “The Dress”, is a minute taken away from me. Every time I have written something commented about or liked a post that  demeaned a person, cast judgment against them or glorified ignorance  I have wasted time that should be spent bettering me.

Discussing the misfortunes and random on goings of others is a great distraction from the worries and current concerns that I have. However,  talking about someone or something else will not solve my problems. Time always seems aplenty until it’s gone. I don’t want to look back at my youth only to see that I’ve spent it judging and watching others enjoy theirs.

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