That’s So Lily O.

Essence Magazine is my all-time favorite news publication. I have read EVERY. SINGLE. ISSUE. While on a study break in my University’s library, I discovered they had every issue bound together. I spent the next two years spending my study breaks in the basement of the library reading them.

Side note: Reading older issues of news publications is fascinating. My favorites include NAACP’S Crisis Magazine and Redbook. They provide unique historical cultural insight not found in history books.

In the January 2015 issue, journalist Charreah K. Jackson interviewed celebrity life coach, Lucinda Cross. In an article titled “2015 is Mine” Cross briefly explains how she came into the life coaching business.While serving time in prison, Cross created a vision board of what she’d like for her life. One statement made by Cross stood out to me:

“No one talks about dreams and goals inside [prison]. It’s ‘you tarnished your name. You might as well give up now.’ I started creating vision boards so I wouldn’t lose my mind.” -Lucinda Cross,( Essence January 2015 pg. 85)

I can relate to the mindset Cross speaks of. I have not been incarcerated or participated in any criminal activity, but I have done things that I feel have tarnished my name. At times, it is difficult to see hope past the damage. I am not where I thought I would be at this point, but I am not sure if the path I planned was the direction I really wanted or needed to go. It’s okay to change directions, however I need a new map. For this reason, I took to Cross’ idea of creating a Vision Board. In “2015 is Mine”, Lucinda Cross also defines what a vision board is:

“Vision boards allow me to put my dreams on paper. Once I see them, I get the focus to bring my visions to life.” -Lucinda Cross, (Essence January 2015 pg. 85)

In high-school, I had a list of things, you can call them goals, that I wanted to have in place by the time I graduated. They included a variety of things from maintaining a certain G.P.A and college acceptances to financial goals and even crafting goals (to make a dress and wear it). I frequently referenced the list (it was taped on my bedroom wall next to my bed) and by the time I graduated, I achieved all of the items on my list. In the years that have followed I stopped doing this and I wish to begin again.

Planning My Vision Board

According to Charreah K. Jackson your vision board goals should be broken down into four groups with only a few visions under each. My four groups are: Health, Financial, Blog, Education/Career. When writing my goals for my vision board, I kept three things in mind:

Goal: Broad in nature, may or may not take time to achieve.

Why?: Why is this a priority? What do I stand to gain from this? Is this something that I am able to do at this time?

Action Needed: Simple, realistic and structured changes that I have to make to ensure that my goal comes to life. SIMPLE is key.

Making My Vision Board

  • Foam Board
  • Old Magazines*
  • Markers
  • Glue Dots
  • Glue

I used all of the above to make my vision board, using pictures from my favorite magazines and making a collage. My vision board concerns some personal goals, and I do not feel comfortable sharing them or it. However, if this interests you I suggest you make your own vision board.

* My local library sets out old magazines for free,your local library may do so too.

Source: Charreah K. Jackson. “2015 Is Mine.” Essence. January 2015. 84-87. Print.

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