Words I Would Rather Not See in 2015

Before I begin, let me say that I understand that I live in a place and time where free speech is allowed. I am beyond thankful for this and enjoy language in both its verbal and written formats. I love how we can change the definition of words and create new ones. That being said, I still have a list of  words that I would rather not see in 2015.

1. Educated

As in “I am an educated woman from Ohio.” When did  “ educated” become an appropriate term to mention when describing yourself ? It comes across as a status marker.

“Oh, she’s educated she must know what she’s talking about.”

2. Articulate

Articulate is too often used as a backhanded compliment.

Ex. Professor: “Sally is very articulate.”

Translation: “I am surprised Sally can form coherent sentences.”

3. Naturalista

I have no reason for not liking this word; I just don’t care for it. I love having natural hair, but I don’t like to be called a Naturalista. I know, it confuses me too.

4. Thug

Overused in the past few years and has become a thinly-veiled euphemism for another word. Use your imagination.

5. Fleek

This is a relatively new slang word that is making me feel old, make it go away.

This is a safe space, feel free to use these terms if you still like them. I won’t judge people who use them. I, Liliann Ohio, don’t care for them. However, if you leave a comment telling me how articulate the educated naturalista who wrote a post on ending the usage of thug and fleek is, I may (briefly) lose it.

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