The Last Resort: A Kinky Intervention

For three years I have been natural and happy. My weekly wash and style regimen was executed with pride and precision, and I shed the insecurities that came from when my hair was relaxed. However, during the past six months, life has intervened and my hair routine has become the last thing that I care about. My staple has become a fashionable hat-I know, feel free to judge me.  Going to the store has become a struggle. As I pass by the hair relaxers, I remember how it felt to have your hair “done”. “Done” meaning not having to get another relaxer for another six weeks and an “easier” hair regimen. But I also remember scalp burns, split ends, and that horrid period right before you need to get a relaxer where your ponytail gradually gets shorter. I recently made myself a promise, before I make any drastic decisions regarding my hair, I will try to develop a new routine. I am past the stage of spending my hard-earned money testing multiple expensive products that may not work. However, I found a service that allows me to pay a base amount($20.00) to receive a mixture of full-size and sample products geared towards women with naturally curly hair- Curlkit.

Curlkit subscribers receive 6-9 full and sample-size products geared toward women with naturally curly hair. The following will include a summary of my ordering process, delivery,  package contents and my overall thoughts.

Ordering Process:

Last year, was when I first learned of subscription box services through Curlbox, another service for women with naturally curly hair. I was turned off by the ordering process, for Curlbox you are placed on a waiting list until spots open (typically on Saturdays). I work most weekends and was not able to subscribe. With CurlKit I was not placed on a waiting list.

The ordering process was fairly simple and they offered monthly subscription services as well as gifts of subscriptions. I purchased a 3 month gift subscription for myself (I don’t like being tied down). My only issue with the ordering process was the fact that they currently do not allow payments through PayPal, my preferred service.


According to Curlkit’s website, orders are sent between the 4th and 10th of each month and clients will be notified by email once they have shipped. I did not receive an email or tracking number, which caused me some concern. My package arrived on the 10th, and several hours later I received my email with my tracking number and shipping information. I’m not sure if  this happened since I am a new member, but if you are someone that likes or needs to know when your packages are arriving this may be an issue.

Package Contents:

(Left to Right) Ors Hair Mayonaise; Cream of Nature Argon Oil Moisturizing Milk Masque Deep Treatment;

Inside my first CurlKit box.

Sample-sized products included

Sample-sized products included


Three full-size products and one half-size sample.

Three full-size products and one half-size sample.

My products came in pretty packaging, I felt like I was unwrapping  a gift.






(Left to Right) Ors Hair Mayonaise; Cream of Nature Argon Oil Moisturizing Milk Masque; Naturals by Hask Weightless Repairing Dry Oil*, Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges




(Left to Right): Kandy Kurls Lemoncello Daily Refresher; Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream*; Ors Uplifting Shampoo; CurlMax  Twisty Curly Spray





Overall Thoughts:

The above video describes my overall reaction to my first CurlKit box. I am excited to try my new products, but I am overwhelmed by the volume of them. The fact that I will have 6-9 more new things to try next month is a bit much for me to handle. I am satisfied with my decision to only purchase three months.


Follow this link to receive 10% off of your order or you can also like them on Facebook to receive a discount.

* According to the product booklet, this month’s box contained bonus items I received two; Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream and Naturals by Hask Weightless Repairing Dry Oil.

** I was not paid by Curlkit and purchased it on my own.

Creativity on the Internet

While I am not a fan of making fun of people who are experiencing hard times, I found the creativity that followed the arrest of Donna Goudeau amusing . I cannot imagine what she was feeling at the time of her arrest, and she is currently serving time for the crime she was apprehended for. For this reason I will not post the interview from her arrest, you can look it up on your own. However, I will post the artistic reinterpretations by Anthony Hamilton and his background singers.


Bassist Ryan Copeland took creativity to a entirely new level by putting “some quartet bass” on Anthony Hamilton’s Remix. You can find out more  information about Ryan Copeland on his website. * Sounds best while wearing headphones.


Another Youtuber “Doingear” blended the two together seamlessly creating a longer version.


I love the creativity that’s found on the internet. I hope this makes you smile the same way it made me smile. 🙂

On Voting in 2014

I will keep this short.

Today, I entered the polls and voted without showing an I.D. This may be the last election where this is the case. I will not get into the modern political dealings of Voter I.D laws, but reflect on my understanding of them.My grandparents lived in an era where choosing to vote clashed with laws engineered to make exercising their constitutional right difficult. Less than 50 years ago in 1965 then-President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. This act, developed in an effort to end disenfranchisement and voter suppression, has provided protection to groups that historically have been disenfranchised. Why challenge the voting process now? What has changed in the last few elections to warrant this? Fraud exists and will continue to exist regardless of safety guards developed to ward against it.